Replaying Campaign Adventures

A few people have commented that they’re not fond of the idea of refighting an adventure if they fail the first time out (as the Heroes). As I replied in the comments on the DS Beta thread, I think refights fit the backstory perfectly, aren’t an issue in other games, and are a nice, simple, easy to explain process.

Personally, I think that each adventure is a new puzzle, and one I want to unravel and solve. Losing means that I’ve not solved it yet, so I want to have another go. My gamer instinct doesn’t want to leave it unfinished. This is how I’ve always approached scenarios in games, and it feels entirely natural.

As I said though, not everyone feels the same way. After some discussion, we’ve got a couple of options to add to the rules. These are all for campaign play and don’t make any difference to one-off games.

Firstly, if the Heroes lose a scenario, instead of playing again they can simply take an extra 1 hour loss from their campaign total and move on to the next adventure. This effectively assumes that they played it again and won, but without actually doing so.

Secondly, there is an entirely different way to play the campaign. Instead of using a campaign clock, simply play each of the adventures once, in order, and tot up who won the most games. That side wins the campaign as a whole. You can’t get a draw as there are an odd number of adventures, so this will always result in a winner. Actually, both methods do.

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I went to a local games show called Hammerhead yesterday, which was a bit of a break from sitting at my computer. It was the first time in a while that I’d been to a show with no work to do. Well, not much beyond a bit of research, at any rate. It was great to just bimble about and look at the stalls and the games – like a “normal” gamer.

Anyway, I wasn’t going to write up a long report, just wanted to say that it was a great show and that you should consider making the trip next year if you didn’t yesterday. Have a look at the link above to see a video (with pictures and everything) of the 2014 show. It was in the same venue, which was really rather good. One wall was floor to (30 foot) ceiling glass, so it was unusually light for a games show.

Of course, in the UK we’ve got Salute and the Expo coming soon(ish), so they’ll make this look rather small. Even so, I arrived at about lunchtime and could easily have occupied myself all day if I’d got there sooner. When kicking out time came I hadn’t managed to play a single game, despite there being at least 50 participation games on the go. Mostly I’d been nosing around the traders and talking to people I know. Sometimes both at the same time ;)

I also spent a little money buying toys, more of which anon. Not that I need more miniatures, but you know how it is…

Today I’ve got a couple of DB bits to finish before I properly get back to DS, so bear with me and I’ll be back with more cool stuff tomorrow.

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DS Beta Rules Up

The beta of the core rules are up now. It’s a big download, so be aware.

Don’t worry about the end of the pledge manager coming up as there’s going to be a second one fairly soon. This gives you a bit of time to read the rules, maybe play a game or two, and have a think. If you play the Necromancer then you might want to practice your maniacal laughter too. No rush though.

As it took longer than expected to get them up, please use this thread for comments and queries about the Beta rules. Ta.

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A Second DS Playtest Day

In case you don’t subscribe to the Mantic newsletter, yesterday’s had this little snippet in:

“After the great feedback we had at the first event, we’re holding a second Dungeon Saga Playtest Day on the 7th March. Get in touch with Dave if you want to help us test our biggest and best game yet!”


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Dungeon Saga Beta Rules Questions

Just had an email from the chaps at Mantic Towers. They’re about ready to release the beta rules to the KS backers, and thought it might be useful to have a thread here for you guys to feed back any comments and ask questions. So here it is :)

Backers should have a link to the files very soon.

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An Aside

Excuse me while I have a little rant.

Every day I spend many hours sitting at a computer, working with a number of different bits of software. Most of them I’ve used for a couple of decades, so I’m pretty familiar with them. So I do wonder when software developers decide to change something that previously took a couple of seconds to do into a waste of half an hour or more (or simply something that can no longer be done at all). Call me old fashioned, but changing something that is perfectly slick and functional into a pile of festering donkey vomit doesn’t seem like progress to me.

Today I have lost at least an hour faffing about trying to do something that I used to be able to in a few seconds. Then, immediately after I finally worked out the answer, I found a second change in a second piece of software that was less functional than it used to be. I decided to simply abandon that particular task for today, having lost enough time already.

It’s extremely annoying to say the least as this sort of thing has a real impact on my time and therefore my ability to get stuff done. Of course, it does’t happen every day – it usually waits for deadlines to loom…

I expect the world economy loses billions every year to this sort of frustrating nonsense. Time, after all, is money.

Perhaps some software guru can enlighten me. I’m not worried about specifics, more whether there is some secret maxim in software development that encourages developers to deliberately make life difficult for existing users. I am a pretty experienced user of this stuff and it has happened time and again over the years. It may not actually be deliberate, but it sure looks like it.

I have tried to see this as comparable to a new edition of a familiar game. Some people always get upset when anything is changed. Maybe it’s communications that’s at fault. Perhaps there are brilliant reasons for every change, they just fail to communicate them effectively. That happens in games too. However, there is a fundamental difference here. If I change the way magic works in a tabletop game, then you can still play the game. The rules are still comprehensible. You may not like the change, but it does’t stop you playing the game. With software the changes can, and today have, meant that I simply cannot do my job when I have previously been able to. Not because the features was removed entirely, but because it was relocated¹. Actually, the second issue I had today could be gone for good – I’ve no idea.

It’s especially galling when these changes are labelled as “an improved experience”. Clearly some new use of the word improved that I’m not familiar with.




1: When I say “relocated”, what I mean is entered into the witness protection program, given a new name, extensive cosmetic surgery, and whisked away to deepest Alaska.

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DS Tile Thickness

Someone asked me about this the other day, so I thought I’d put up a pic.

The DS tiles are on board that’s a touch over 2mm thick – perhaps 2.25mm. Hard to be precise without precision callipers.

The board I was measuring was a sample from the factory that has been approved by Mantic (and then “liberated” by me for this).

This first pic shows it compared to the thickness of the tiles in the original DKH. It’s a bit tricky to see because the DKH board has a rounded edge (due to the cutter), whereas the sample board is square edged. The new board is a little under twice the thickness of the old.

Board 1The second picture is edge on, with a Mantic base and a GW slotta base sitting on top for comparison.

Board 2As you can see, the tiles are going to be nice and chunky :)

I don’t have a photo because they’re not made yet, but the tiles will be held together with transparent plastic H-shaped clips.


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