And Another One

And Demented have finally set a date (for their Kickstarter) :)

12672062_1069317679767094_2149730122325890609_o.jpgI’ve been working with these guys for a while, though only on a rules front. They need zero help from me on the miniatures end of things. Their work is amazing!

It’s been an interesting experiment for me, as I’ve not been writing the rules, but critiquing and reviewing them instead, offering suggestions and options for improvement. Mentoring, if you like. It seems to have been quite a successful process, and I’ll be offering that service more widely later this year.

But back to Twisted

The chaps are really keen to make their game as much fun as the crazy background demands. It still has all the normal moving and fighting stuff you might expect of a skirmish game, but it can all get a bit… well… Twisted when The Engine intervenes. And when does The Engine intervene, I hear you ask. Well that’s a big like the old one about the gorilla with a machine gun. What does it do? Whatever it likes.

I think there’s a bit more tweaking of the game left to do to really finesse it, and the KS will have some beta rules for you to try out so you can join in the process. It would be great to hear what you think. Personally, I think that Twisted has a really nice atmosphere about it, and tells a fun story, which for me is an important part of a game. The fact that the miniatures are so good is just a cherry on top :)


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While I Was Out…

aot_facebook_placeholder…a whole bunch of stuff happened. As you’d expect.

One item of note was that the Age of Tyrants Kickstarter went live, and I’m happy to see that it’s already funded with a fortnight left to run. Just a case of seeing what goodies get added to the core set now :)

I’ve got a couple of the early test shots of the models that I can show you when I dig them out of the piles of boxes which turned up yesterday in the office. They must be in there somewhere. You’ll probably have seen renders and other people’s pics already (on the official website, for example), but it never hurts to show some more angles. They have done a very nice job of getting the models to look like the renders, and keep the fine detail.

Anyway, I’ll come back to this again when I’ve got more to say. Just thought I’d bring up the topic of big games with little tanks again :)


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Hello Internet!

Back online. Finally.

This is all fallout from the house move, as regular readers may have guessed. It all went abysmally wrong at almost every step, and it’s been a massive time sink. No internet in the new place either, and the incompetents who are supposed to get it turned on promised me it would be in place last Wednesday, then Thursday, then Friday, then “please ring again tomorrow and ask because I don’t know when it will be live”. Seriously, that’s a direct quote. Turns out it’s not till the end of this week. Allegedly.

However, I have moved into a new office, and that does have a connection. In fact, it has a ridiculously fast one, which will be very nice for Skyping around the globe, as I often do.

Anyway, this is just a little note to tell you that I’ve not been ignoring you deliberately, and that I’m back now. These’s a small matter of a mountain of email to dig through before I see much light, but at least I can make a start now :)

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SF Skirmish Games

I mentioned in comments on another post that I was working on two other SF skirmish games, and some folk have asked to know more. Well these are both things I’m sure I’ve mentioned before…

The first is Eternal Battle. This is the latest incarnation of something that has been an almost constant companion of mine for something like a decade (what you might call a long development cycle). I’m so used to it that I forget you don’t know all about it too :)

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll explain more about that at some point. However, mostly my recent work has been on another project that I’m calling Old Skool Skirmish (OSS).

OSS is an idea that was inspired by the nostalgia invoked by the style of Macrocosm and Colony 87 miniatures. Now the game isn’t designed for those models per se – they were merely the jumping off point. However, I do have all the Colony 87s, and many of the Macrocosm figures, so I expect they’ll get used in my own games. Speaking of my own games, this whole idea was originally just a piece of amusement for myself rather than something I expected to broadcast more widely. It was, in some ways, another of the periodic design exercises I set myself: in this case whether I could design something in a specific retro style. It’s been loads of fun to do, and I’m very happy with both the way it’s worked out and the reaction my gaming buddies have had to it. If I was carrying the 1980s thing to its logical conclusion I’d sell wonkily photocopied versions of it, stapled together slightly inaccurately. However, I don’t think I’ll go quite that far.

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure I’ll release it at all. I’m in two minds about whether it’s best kept as a private amusement or opened for wider use. If I keep it just for my own group then I don’t have to make it coherent for anyone else (though vagueness is, in fact, part of the retro style I’m emulating, and the game would be wrong without it). That would save a lot of effort as polishing something for general release is a long part of the process. On the other hand, it would be a shame to keep it to myself. I think I’ll see how I feel when I’ve got the house move over and sorted out my new study :)

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Notes From Limbo

When the year is this fresh, it’s customary to declare all manner of noble and ambitious goals for the forthcoming twelvemonth. “What are your New Year’s resolutions”, people ask.

My own custom is not to make them. They are seldom adhered to in any case, and my thinking is that a random date is unlikely to make me stick to something that the rest of my situation would not. Put another way: I know from experience that the change in year does not imbue me with heroic reserves of willpower that I otherwise lack.

For me, moving house is far more of a notable change in my circumstances, and is a much better trigger for thinking on new ways of working, new projects, and yes, (re)defining goals. Of course, the farce that is our current attempt to move continues to grind on unresolved, so we’re not quite there yet. A curse on solicitors (well, one of them at least)!

I do have a number of intriguing plans in mind, and some great projects I’ve signed up for. Just nothing to say yet :)



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DS Reprints

Mantic asked me today if there were any bits that needed correcting in RoV or AC. I said we should ask you guys, so here I am :)

The instructions on what sort of thing they’re after was: “We’re looking for typos and incorrect rules more than anything, like the Shield bash special rule being on the card but not in the book, or any wrong symbols on the cards.”

And, before you ask, they need to know any corrections by midnight GMT on the 23rd. Not long then.

So, if you have the time and the inclination, please take a look and let us know. In particular, as AC has already had quite a lot of comment, it would be good to hear if anyone’s been through RoV and found anything amiss.

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Building: The Game

I’m sure there is a game in here…

Still living in a building site. Yesterday someone managed to break part of the lighting, so now we need an electrician. Today one of the key builders is off sick. No wonder nothing has been built on time or in budget since the pyramids (Sorry Mr Khufu, can’t be done, mate… ).

Of course, me being me, I’ve started designing the game of the awfulness, as something to take my mind off things. Or, at least to see the lighter side (I’m sure there is one). Actually, I think this makes the perfect topic for a take that! style game. Certainly it feels like someone’s playing crappy cards on me all the time…

I’ll get my own back next turn :)

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