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Aplogies for not dealing with your comments for the last few days. I’m not currently at my desk and am writing this without any reference books to check rules queries and such. I’m also not sure if I will have a reliable net connection to post more than this brief missive, so this pause may continue for a few days yet. Or may not. Like I said, not sure about that.

This is not a permanent change though, and what passes for normal service will be resumed as soon as possible :)

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Review: Spectre Miniatures – First Look

This morning I got a handful of figures from Spectre Miniatures‘ Kickstarter.


These are a range of ultra-modern 28mm figures that cover both western forces, PMCs (Private Military Contractors – mercenaries), and indigenous African troops, militias and rebels. I chose to pick up just western forces and PMCs as they are useful in a wider context than Africa, and in any case I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them. I just thought they looked interesting :)

The models come packaged in boxes, each containing one of the sets they are sold in.


Inside the boxes the miniatures are neatly packaged in a layer of what looks like hamster bedding. It’s a bit messy and goes everywhere, but it seems to have done the job of keeping the models safe and intact. It might even have some reusability as scale straw ;P


And here they are out of the bedding and ready to roll.


I’ll have a more detailed look at them when I’ve tried cleaning some up. For now, I’d just like to point out that most of them come as either a single piece, or in two parts (separate backpack on the SAS, one PMC shooter has separate arms). At first glance they look very nicely cast with few mould lines and so on to clean up. The models themselves have realistic scaled weapons, so they’re quite small. I like that. I also very much approve of the lack of infilling between arms and bodies – a common feature of gaming models to get them to cast in a smaller number of pieces, but often unsightly when viewed from above (in other words, the view you usually have of them in a game). These Spectre models have a gap where there should be a gap, as you can see here.


So on first glance I’d have to say that they look very nice :)

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Fighty Comes In Several Heights

In the comments of a recent post, Danny was asking about the tweaks for the Dungeon Saga Dwarf and Barbarian. The simplest answer is posting a pic of the current working copies.

rsz_1dw_-_barbThose of you who played the Dungeon Saga rules from the Kickstarter will see that they have changed very little.

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November Is Safe

Those of you who read the Mantic blog will know that November has been declared safe, and that there is no longer a need for Containment Protocol until next year. In other words, no Deadzone for now.

As is the way with these things, nothing’s definite until it’s actually live, and the slot that Mantic were going to use for DZ is now going to be Kings of War instead, for a number of good reasons (explained in their blog). The DZ has not been forgotten though, merely postponed for a little while. We’re still quietly working on it in the background :)

However, for me it does mean one less Kickstarter to watch, and that’s a help. Speaking of Kickstarter, it seems to have been rather quiet of late. I’ve looked a few times recently and managed to refrain from backing anything. Mind you, I just checked and I’m currently waiting on the stuff from at least 9 different crowd funded projects (and if I hadn’t gone pure digital on others that number would be higher), so perhaps I should hold off for a while. I’m not complaining about this though. Things take the time they take, and I’m not short of other things to do. In fact, a couple of the things I’ve had delivered are sitting unused, just waiting the opportunity. Still, it’s a little sobering when you actually check the list…

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A Little Dungeon Saga

Among other things, we had a few goes through some of the early scenarios for DS yesterday. It’s important to get the first few scenarios right before you run off and do the rest because they are the ones with the fewest bells and whistles. Consequently they rely entirely on the core mechanics to work. And, also, if they are rubbish then people won’t ever get to the later ones…

DS test

Those of you who’ve played the Alpha rules from the Kickstarter will recognise the set up. It’s largely the same. What has changed are some of the details on the Heroes, which obviously changes the balance of the piece as a whole. The two fighty Heroes (Dwarf and Barbarian) are least changed because they were already quite close to the archetypes they sprang from. A tweak here and there was all that was needed.

The Elf is also little changed, in some ways being the point around which the others have revolved. Someone has to be a reference point.

The Wizard is the most different, or should I say his magic is.

DS magic

Now I’m not going to trouble you with details of something that is still not entirely nailed down. I know, I know… it’s a tease. Though I think I left the picture big enough to read the cards…

Anyway, Ronnie was talking about putting out some of these rules to KS backers as a pdf at some point, so you could have another go yourselves and try to pick holes in the thing before it got printed. It’s a great idea and we’ll get that sorted just as soon as we can find a gap in the schedules to get a few bits laid out :)

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MA Posters

In case any of you fancy decorating your ruined walls with some posters, these were shared by Marcel Popik on FaceBook. There are more on the FB group :)

MA postersI think the bits at the bottom are newspapers for you to litter the streets with. I think it’s a great idea and really helps to bring the place to life.


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Mars Attacks Compendium

This should now be available digitally to backers. I didn’t back it myself, but that’s what I’m told. I expect that today’s Mantic newsletter(s) will explain the details if you’re not sure how to get hold of it.

A couple of questions have already been posted to the MA FAQ, and this is the best place for them. I’ll answer them when I’ve got a copy of the rules (and cards) myself :P

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