Latest DreadBall Xtreme Playtest

I’ll just leave this here…


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  1. jgoldenf says:

    1) different floor layout
    2) Ref / gun turrets OR models for goals maybe?
    3) obstacles
    different heights= partial and full visual blocking for passes?
    They shift every rush (there is one right in front of a goal)

    Deff. better board for slower teams but may also make it even easier for faster teams to get around…

  2. Gareth says:

    D8s then?

    • Gareth says:

      PS: Damn you Thornton!!!!

    • Quirkworthy says:

      There are, indeed, D8s in this photo. There are also D6s. DBX only uses one kind of dice. Discuss…

      • sideofiron says:

        I was hoping for d8s to grow the differentiation between models, DB123 with few exceptions only has 3 levels of each stat (crap 5+, ok 4+ and decent 3+). Unfortunately, with hexes being retained for the DBX board, and only one type of dice, I can’t see a d8 replacing the d6 for such an important mechanic like scattering the ball.

      • Geoffrey Briggs says:

        It would be D8, the paper on the left shows a 6+ on one of the stats. No way to get higher than 6 on a d6.

      • sideofiron says:

        The direction indicator in the centre of the pitch lends itself to a d6 mechanic… but again that isn’t to say that results of 7/8 on a d8 don’t have another effect of the ball… maybe 7 and 8, the ball explodes (tying in with a comment below)…

        Damn it… double guessing myself… nope… I’m still going with d6s, no wait, d8s. Or is it d6s? Damn you Jake Thornton.

        • Ledeberge says:

          I think it might be related to the placement of the obstacles/goals. The pitch seems to be 15 hexes wide. 2D8-1 = a range of 1 to 15. Of course this actually ends up with a bellcurve but still.

  3. Koltoroc says:

    interisting. jake, you do realise that that printed card is mostly readable? seems like there will be new cards like the DZ cards with an “active” and “passive” ability, including cards that attack a player. very interesting.

  4. Quirkworthy says:

    None of this was staged for the photo, this is just a shot of the middle of a game we played this morning at the point I remembered to take it. However, for all those scrutinising the enlarged picture (I left it big for you to explore) note that this includes proxies, mockups and all sorts of stand-ins. Not everything is what it appears to be…

    …but some things are 😉

  5. Louis Brenton says:

    Looks great, & it looks like exactly what I wanted DBX to be. I wanted it to be to Dreadball what Dungeon Bowl (which I loved) was for Blood Bowl (which I also loved). A new, variable setting for the same great game. Love it!

  6. So smaller pitch, obstacles and looks like 4 players to a side.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      That may very well be true, but I couldn’t possibly comment. As a mere observation, there are 10 players in the pitch in the photo. Plus one player has died.

      • JohnDoe says:

        I count 11 players on the pitch 😉
        (1 Z´zor Guard, 2 Human Guards, 1, Human Jack, 1 Human Striker, 1 Human unknown, [hiding behind the orange and blue pillar in the right], 2 Orx Guards, 2 Goblin Jacks and 1 knocked down unknown player [probably also a Z´zor]).

        And I really like the models for the strike targets / goals (whatever they are called).
        Any chance they can be purchased in the future?

  7. Geoffrey Briggs says:

    Ooooo!! Explosive Collars.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      And they’re not the only thing that goes boom 😉

      • JohnDoe says:

        So, exploding boxes? 😉

        My guess you can open the boxes on the pitch an find something (more or less) useful like a piece of armor, a fancy piece of technology that will affect you or an opponent, some contraband you can sell for some extra cash or the box just goes boom 😉

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  9. john says:

    ok, i am officially excited. i was actually worried that the game may have a bunch of new stuff that slowed it down to a crawl, but this (at jpg glance) looks like it will be tight and fun! i will *not* be missing this kickstarter! Rock on, sir. Rock on.

  10. Brian S. says:

    Hello Jake…DZX looks cool, but just a pester from teh Deadzone side of things…please see the FAQ thread (FAQ not updated since November) and also comments on Code 13 missions. DZ players looking for some love!

  11. Brian S. says:

    DBX, I mean. And not De Bellis X…oh never mind.

  12. Michael Alban says:

    Has anyone noticed the boxes off the pitch? Possibly people being slammed into them?

    Also look at the open box and the lid on the side, something special inside boxes? Weapons? Extra stats?

    Also the ‘turrets’ could be a new ball launcher?

    There are also some type of tokens? Anyone see them clearer than me?

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  14. Simon Rippin says:

    D8 for 50/50 chance of collars detonating on a 4+?

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