DKH Is Not KOW Skirmish

There seems to be a little confusion. I’m not sure where it’s from – Ronnie thought it might be something he said in a seminar at an Open Day. Wherever it started, I’d like to try to clarify things.

Mantic have mentioned two small scale (in terms of numbers of models) games set in the Kings of War background: Dwarf King’s Hold and a “KOW Skirmish”. These are two entirely separate things.

Dwarf Kings Hold 4: A board game in the DKH series and the next Kickstart project from Mantic (coming in a month or two). All the new fantasy figures you’ve been seeing lately here and elsewhere are for this.

“Kings of War Skirmish”: This is a piece of blue-sky-wouldn’t-it-be-nice-at-some-point thinking. It is not a confirmed project. Even before you guys ever heard of Deadzone we were discussing the idea of one day making a fantasy version, and it would indeed be cool to get around to it. That’s broadly what Ronnie means by a KOW skirmish game. During the seminars he talked about perhaps making 3D plastic scenery to build a castle for this when it arrives, but that was part of a conversation about why plastic walls aren’t really suitable for DKH. This may be where the confusion started. I also mentioned a Stalingrad variant of Deadzone, but that’s not due soon either.

So, two very different projects: one being developed right now, the other some years away and barely even on a drawing board.

Apologies for any confusion.

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22 Responses to DKH Is Not KOW Skirmish

  1. ivortangrean says:

    I keep seeing DKH4 as your competitor with Descent is that correct?

  2. General Jobo says:

    20 secs into a Kings of War Skirmish kickstarter, I’d be a backer – I dream of the day!!!

  3. I would like to see small scale (10mm) KoW!

  4. jimmy says:

    for a good skirmish fantasy game just get a song of blades and heroes

    • Quirkworthy says:

      I’ve not played Song of, though I did play Deep Wars a few times, and I’m told it’s based on the same thing. It’s OK. Very simple, if that’s what you’re after.

  5. JonnyG says:

    Bummer to hear that the KoW skirmish isnt even a confirmed project…. sigh oh well

  6. Joe K. says:

    Umm… I know this was to clear up misperceptions for DKH, but can you share what this is about “Stalingrad variant of Deadzone”? It seems we can already do a bit of this with the Ruin BZs being released. And I am in for the DKH4 Kickstarter for sure. I am already sold on it just from the info that has come out of the Open Day. Awesome work across the board Jake!

  7. TGM says:

    A 28mm WWII squad based urban warfare game would be cool.

  8. JonnyG says:

    @ TGM Doesnt Dust Tactics fulfill that role?

  9. JonnyG says:

    I’ve looked through many KoW galleries and I do not see any dragons or any big beasties. Will KoW skirmish have anything like that or will you draw form the KOW universe with not too many new units.?

  10. mastertugunegb says:

    I’d totally dig the idea of StalinGrad style scenery from Mantic, even if that’s all that came out of this, just scenery. I’d use them to make buildings and ruins for when we play Dust Warfare. Never mind Dust Tactics and Dust Tactics Battlefield.

  11. mastertugunegb says:

    Stalingrad even.

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