New Painting Books

painting booksLast week was quite a good one for swag. Among the many things I acquired were two different painting books, both of which look really good. Just had a quick flick through so far, and they seem to be taking quite a different approach, which is also good as they don’t just repeat each other.

And in case I hadn’t enough models already, they came with some more 🙂

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  1. Matt Price says:

    I’d be very curious to hear more of what you make of those two books, Jake. I don’t have the patience for videos, and haven’t found too many good online step-by-step painting blogs (OK, I haven’t been looking *that* hard) and these two books also caught my eye.

    Though I hear they’re kind of hard to get now, so maybe it’s better I don’t learn more…

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Last I heard, Angel changed his mind about these being a one-off print run, though it may mean that he only does a second run and you’re out of luck if you miss that. I’d expect the Figopedia to stay available.

      Note that both books say volume 1 on them too 🙂

      • Ben says:

        The first print run was 5500 and the second 15,000, so there may well be copies for retail left over from that one.

  2. Ben says:

    I picked up Angel’s. Couldn’t afford JBT’s when the indiegogo ran or when he made it available again a couple of weeks ago (largely because I’d ordered Angel’s), but it hits retail soon. I also got another book from Spain today in the form of my Joker ltd ed BMG rulebook, plus I won a Swamp Thing mini in a competition, so lots of excitement all round.

  3. Right there with you, picked up both of them as well. Both are very nicely put together, insightful books, while the Infinity model will make for a nice giveaway (don’t play Infinity and wouldn’t want the model to go to waste).

    Really nice to see how different artists approach what is essentially the same topic, as well as the method of ‘teaching’ they’ve chosen to write their books around. Both very much worth the price! Angel’s stuff has a lot more direct, technique information, while Jérémie seems to approach the topic much more from an art / lighting / style theory approach.

    Both books do contain quite a bit of stuff on both stylistic choices and techniques, but on the whole I’d say that Angel’s book is the most suitable when you’re interested in techniques and getting close to his level /end result. If you’re more interested in taking your models and your personal style to the next level, effectively forcing you to think about the feeling and mood you want to create with your models, the Figopedia is where you want to be.

    Personally I think the two compliment each other perfectly and I’m really looking forward to the follow-up materials……and hoping some of it will rub off on me 😉

    For those interested Angel’s book is getting a second printrun, which is up for pre-order on the Corvus Belli store right now ( ). The Figopedia should be available to the public any day now (as the team wanted to make certain all the backers got their goodies first) in the Figone store ( ).

  4. Willem-Jan (Hephesto) says:

    Right there with you, picked both of them up as well. Both very well put together, insightful books that are well worth the price. Quite fascinating to see different artist approach what is essentially the same topic, as well as the different teaching methods they have chosen to go with. Angel’s work is definitely more focused on technique, while Jérémie has a more style and theory discussion approach.

    Now both books do provide a lot of information on technique, but if you’re more interest in step-by-steps, the infinity look and getting to Angel’s level of end result for what are effectively still play pieces his book is the way to go. If on the other hand you want to take your models and own style to the next level, forcing yourself to think about topics like the mood, feeling and surrounding of a more diorama-focused level of model, the Figopedia is where it’s at.

    Personally I think they complement each other quite nicely and look very much forward to whatever follow-up materials we’ll see further down the line. Not to mention the small fraction of hope some of it may rub off me. There is the potential for an incredible synergy based off the information in these books where one can help push your skill to a new level, while the other will help you to take that skill and mold it into your own style……or just look at all the pretty pictures and dream of creating little pieces of art like this 😉

    For those interested Angel’s book is getting a second printrun, which is on pre-order on the Corvus Belli websotre ( ). The Figopedia also just went online on the Figone webstore, after all the backers got their goodies first ( )

  5. mattadlard says:

    Was looking at both these but at the end, ended up wondering if they would be worth picking up and getting used. From a design interest and aesthetic its a definite pull for one, but then one finds it difficult to consider as it really comes down to something one would like to pick up physically and flick through before buying and that’s the conundrum. Still be interested in your review and follow-up

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