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Miniature Mondays: Good Foundations

The base boards I’ve been talking about for my nostalgic SF cover a number of different themed environments. One of these is a spaceship interior – clearly an essential. I was originally thinking of doing this with modular pieces that … Continue reading

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Miniature Mondays: wrecker’s yard

One thing about the good old days is that they weren’t all that good. At least, not if you’re talking about variety of stuff you could buy off the shelf, ready-made. These days there are many, many times more of … Continue reading

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Miniature Mondays: does size matter?

More thoughts on terrain boards today. If you’d asked me last week, what size are OSS boards, I’d have happily told you that they were 2×2 foot square. Now, I think I’ve changed my mind. The reason is simple. Whilst … Continue reading

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A point about game design

Monday’s post attracted a couple of interesting comments, and I’ve pulled out this one from EJ to reply as a post because I didn’t want it to get lost in the mix. It’s an interesting point, and worth discussing as … Continue reading

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Miniature Mondays: a battlefield to call your own

More on Old Skool Skirmish today. Diehard miniatures join the ranks I’ll be using for my personal games. Some great models in their growing range. I particularly like the Eru-kin (above), though there are plenty of other gems lurking in … Continue reading

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Adding Some Structure

I’m trying some different ways of organising my work, my posts, and my gaming. For this site, whilst a rigid format is probably unhelpful, I think a bit of structure is useful. With that in mind, I’m going to try … Continue reading

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Skirmish Plans

l’ve been working on a 5-year plan of late. It’s an enlightening change of hat to ponder stuff in this temporal scale, when most projects last a far shorter time, and the daily grind is, of course, daily. Most of … Continue reading

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SF Skirmish Games

I mentioned in comments on another post that I was working on two¬†other SF skirmish games, and some folk¬†have asked to know more. Well these are both things I’m sure I’ve mentioned before… The first is Eternal Battle. This is … Continue reading

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