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Miniature Mondays: wrecker’s yard

One thing about the good old days is that they weren’t all that good. At least, not if you’re talking about variety of stuff you could buy off the shelf, ready-made. These days there are many, many times more of … Continue reading

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A point about game design

Monday’s post attracted a couple of interesting comments, and I’ve pulled out this one from EJ to reply as a post because I didn’t want it to get lost in the mix. It’s an interesting point, and worth discussing as … Continue reading

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Skirmish Plans

l’ve been working on a 5-year plan of late. It’s an enlightening change of hat to ponder stuff in this temporal scale, when most projects last a far shorter time, and the daily grind is, of course, daily. Most of … Continue reading

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Battle of the Halji 30th Anniversary Edition

It’s funny how things happen. The first game I ever had published was the slightly strange Battle of the Halji. This was designed in cahoots with friend of mine called Chris Hunt, way back in 1987. Looking back, it was a bit slower than … Continue reading

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