DZ2 FAQ up

deadzone-2nd-edThis has gone live on the Mantic download page.

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28 Responses to DZ2 FAQ up

  1. Pikaraph says:

    YES !!!

  2. Pikaraph says:

    By the way still missing Dungeon Saga FAQ ^^ (and there’s a lot of work on this…)

    • Quirkworthy says:

      I know. Working through that stuff now. I was going to email you about that too 🙂

      • mbss says:

        Maybe it will show up when mantic finishes delivery of the kickstarter which appears to have been pushed back to july for those unfortanute people.

        • Quirkworthy says:

          Nope. Will be up much sooner. At least, I’ll be finished with it much sooner 🙂

          I think the delays for the last DS stuff is down to errors at the factory requiring some reprinting.

        • mbss says:

          Mantic chose the factory. Mantic failed to order those backers rewards originally. Mantic failed to update those backers since like Feb 10th about the status in an official way. Hopefully at least they will actually deliver all the physical the stuff finally. Originally they were trying to say some BS about certain things not being available to those missed backers.

          I wonder when we will see those 19 missing missions. They are 3 months over due on the first set already and the second set was supposed to come out now.

        • Quirkworthy says:

          OK, you’re talking about something else. Dunno what happened there.

        • mbss says:

          Well just to fill you in, Mantic in both the KOW 2 and DS kickstarters had some sort of pledge manager database corruption that lead to a few hundred backers in both not getting their orders processed properly. Mantic first told these people that their stuff has shipped, then it started telling them they must have not finished the pledge manager but after about a month Mantic noted that they were just caught in a software glitch that even though Mantic took their money, they never bothered to order their core pledge stuff.

          Mantic having shipped all the stock out to retail did not have anything for these people for a while. Finally after a month or so after admitting the error (which was like 3 months after shipping started) most of them at least got the core game and maybe a reprint of the Adventures Companion, but are still missing most of the rest of the basic pledge (bonus minis, dungeon journal, kickstarter exclusive minis, cardstock and cards for adventurers companion, return of valandor expansion etc.). Mantic has done a very poor job communicating to these backers eventhough in their broader releases they say they will be contacting them individually, as far as people report those contacts do not really come. Originally they were told they would get their missing stuff in April which made it about 6 months late compared to the majority of backers but now that appears to have slipped to like July making it about 9 months late.

        • Quirkworthy says:

          Sorry to hear that mbss. I didn’t know it was that bad 😦

        • mbss says:

          Mantic finally did an update last week after over 3 months of silence. It is really a shame since the core game is quite solid if introductory hobby board game experience that it is dragged down by Mantics poor communication and misrepresentations, their bad delivery, poor quality control from the manufacturer, and unmet expectations on the Adventurer’s Companion.

      • Pikaraph says:

        Ok that’s great !

  3. chilversworkshop says:

    Excellent, well done on that, I’m going to be having another game of Deadzone v2 that tonight, it should be noted that it’s not just an FAQ as there are ballance changes in here as well.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      The Rules Committee made some small changes based on what they felt was needed to rebalance some units, based on feedback and further playtesting.

      Truth be told, whenever you clarify something it will change the game for people who interpreted it differently before – and that’s always going to be a positive integer otherwise the question wouldn’t be asked in the first place 🙂

  4. Tod Higman says:

    Thanks for the work in bringing out the FAQ and revisions. I know people complained, but anyone with any design experience at all knows this is just how it works. I now have 20 years experience as an engineer, and I always count on seven revisions before something is completed.

  5. Pikaraph says:

    That’s a shame that a big part of this FAQ is made of questions that have already been answered for the previous version of the game and thet didn’t make it into the new rules…
    People have asked for the same questions, that’s logical ^^

  6. Josh says:

    Did we get stats or entries for the Nightmares from the Veer’myn faction? I don’t see ’em in the errata…

    • Quirkworthy says:

      I did do stats for the Nightmares. I’m not sure whether this is an intentional omission (saving them for something later) or not. I’ll check.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Actually the stats for Nightmares are in the rulebook already (page 63).

    • mbss says:

      Which Nightmares? The old ones or the new ones. They renamed the old ones Malgini or something and made the giant rat things with Drills(shredders?) Nightmares.

      • Josh says:

        Yeah.. I guess I mean the plastic/resin “Maligni” that were a 5 man squad add-on under “Veer’myn Booster”… they are called Nightmares on the bag sticker and on the KS page but I guess (as mbss said) the big guys are now Nightmares and the smaller elite squad are “generic maligni”…) not just the chem-thrower special unit… I guess there were rumors of a new entry for them … and thanks to the Facebook group they pointed out that there are now new weapon options for “Malignus” in the base book that allow you to equip them as melee “Maligni”… got it… sorry for the confusion!!

  7. cultistapazzo says:

    hi Jake, how are you? 🙂

    I’m wondering if you still read this blog… I have a curiosity to ask about a deadzone’s skill 😛
    do you remember the “heavy” skill? some big weapons have it (like enforcer’s sniper rifle i.e.)

    can I ask you if the -1 die in all fight rolls was intended to apply on melee survive rolls too?
    or is it applied only if the defender model reply a melee attack with a fight roll?

    many thanks 🙂

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