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DZ2 FAQ up

This has gone live on the Mantic download page.

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With the unexpected arrival of the Deadzone beta, I’ve been a little sidetracked into answering the questions on that thread. This is fine – after all, that’s why the thread is up in the first place. However, it might make … Continue reading

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Deadzone Redux Movement

Another little snippet from the current version of DZR. I’ve added a Speed stat to the models. This is a way of including a lot more variation in the model’s rate of movement, and doing so very simply. Speed is … Continue reading

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Deadzone Redux Command Dice

I’ve shown a few pics of us playtesting DZR recently, and you may have noticed some bespoke D6s we’ve had lying around. So far, nobody guessed quite what they are, though there have been some fun suggestions. Today I thought I’d explain … Continue reading

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