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The Day’s Plunder

Back from the show, and bearing bags of swag ūüôā I’ve not been to the Derby show at this venue before, and it’s a big change from the last couple of places they held it at. Instead of a series … Continue reading

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Derby Show

Just off to the Wargames Show at Derby. Taking a mental list of things to¬†look at, though we all know what happens to plans… There are some good pics of what to expect from the Terrain Tutor. That’s especially nice … Continue reading

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The Wanderer Returns

Back from the UK Game Expo, and what a fun time that was! Lots to see and do, both in terms of work and play. Spoke to dozens of interesting folk, met up with some old friends and made some … Continue reading

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DKH, Expo and Stuff

Lots of interesting and encouraging comments on the post I wrote about the upcoming Dwarf King’s Hold 4. Thank¬†you¬†for those. Agree, disagree or otherwise, it’s always¬†good to have the feedback. As a folllow-on to that article, I’m part-way through writing … Continue reading

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Mantic Open Day Piccies

Got the pictures to work now. No idea what that was all about. Anyway… I’ll cover DKH in another post. These are some pics of the different stuff that was going on during the day, to give you a flavour. … Continue reading

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Mantic Open Day Tomorrow

The weekend is almost upon us, and this one looks like being rather entertaining (for me, at least).   Saturday Saturday is the latest Mantic Open Day. Loads of stuff going on there, including: Azure Forest Tournament (DreadBall) Deadzone Campaign … Continue reading

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Salute Spoils

Back from Salute now,¬†and what a show it was! The best show I’ve been to in ages, I think.¬†Why? Several reasons. To start with there was¬†a very upbeat and cheery atmosphere,¬†both among the traders and the customers (not always the … Continue reading

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Down At Salute

This saturday is one of the biggest events in the UK gaming calendar: Salute. This is a big one-day show down in London, and this year I’ll be attending¬†with the Mantic crew once again. For many of you this will … Continue reading

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Mars Attacks Day

I spent today down at Mantic HQ with a bunch of 16 playtesters, battling through the Mars Attacks scenarios once more to see if there were any final tweaks and clarifications needed. As Mantic are overflowing their current office space … Continue reading

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Foundry God of Battles Event Cancelled Due To Illness

Hi folks. Unfortunately the Foundry staff have been beset by illness and aren’t going to be able to open tomorrow. This means that the planned God of Battles campaign day won’t be able to go ahead on saturday the 5th … Continue reading

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