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Spoke Too Soon

Those pics will have to wait till tomorrow when I’ve got better light. I’ll try again first thing. I did mean to do this earlier, I just got distracted by work. Turns out that the box contents models have far … Continue reading

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Mars Attacks Miniatures – Part 1

As I said the other day, I’d try to snaffle a bag or two of MA figures while I was down at Mantic HQ. Mission accomplished! I’ve not had a chance to scrape away at them yet, so this is … Continue reading

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Living FAQ: Mars Attacks

Last update 6th August 2014 This page deals with all the rules questions that you might have about Mars Attacks. Please read the comments below to see if your query has already been answered. If not, please free to ask in the comments … Continue reading

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Mantic Open Day Piccies

Got the pictures to work now. No idea what that was all about. Anyway… I’ll cover DKH in another post. These are some pics of the different stuff that was going on during the day, to give you a flavour. … Continue reading

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Martians Everywhere

If you were wondering where I’d got to the last few days, have no fear. The invasion has been contained. While you were getting all frenzied over on Kickstarter with DreadBall Xtreme, I was ducking and dodging among the ruins … Continue reading

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Mars Attacks Day

I spent today down at Mantic HQ with a bunch of 16 playtesters, battling through the Mars Attacks scenarios once more to see if there were any final tweaks and clarifications needed. As Mantic are overflowing their current office space … Continue reading

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Well the Mars Attacks Kickstarter is finished, and what a finish it was. After the reverses and turbulence of the penultimate week the last few days saw a dramatic turnaround and a big rush to the end. Thanks to all … Continue reading

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