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Aeronautica Imperialis – Straggler Missions

Played some more Aeronautica at the weekend, and it was lots of fun. Bob came up with a simple scenario based on an event in WWII’s Pacific campaign. A lone, up-gunned Marauder bomber has to get the length of a … Continue reading

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Tribes Of Legend – Update

Well the time must be getting nearer as I’ve finally seen a printed copy of Tribes of Legend. The bulk of the run are still on the Slow Boat From China, but Hermes brought a copy by air for me … Continue reading

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Review: Aeronautical Imperialis – First Contact

Those daring young men in their flying machines. In space 🙂 Yes, I had a game of Games Workshop’s Aeronautica Imperialis. It was Bob’s fault, naturally. Like the Epic. He was kind enough to let me win though, shooting down … Continue reading

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Review: Carnevale – Rhinos Can’t Jump!

This review is based on a pdf of the complete rulebook rather than the printed item as that’s what was given to me. You can see a lot of this on the downloads section of Vesper-On’s website. Not everything is … Continue reading

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Dreadfleet Review 2 – More Ships, More Battles

Please can I have my money back? Those of you that know my writings will be aware that I tend, if anything, to be too even-handed in my approach to reviews, even if I am occasionally a bit blunt. If … Continue reading

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Derby World Wargames – Games and Goodies

I thought that the Derby show this year was the best it’s been for some time. It had loads of interesting games to look at as well as a huge and varied selection of traders. I know a fair amount … Continue reading

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Derby World Wargames – Saturday

Another weekend, another event! This weekend it’s Derby World Wargames, at Derby University in the UK. This used to be called the Old Glory Nationals, and to veterans like me that’s what it’s still referred to as. In fact, as … Continue reading

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