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Patreon’s Progress

I just posted another article to my Game Design Mastery Patreon, and I thought that I’d talk about a few lessons from the first however long it’s been. 6 weeks? Something like that. Overall it’s been great, though it’s not … Continue reading

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Some Classical (Greek) Carnage

Had a couple of 2-player games of Mythic Battles recently. I’m writing up the first one to stick on BGG as there’s not much on there at the moment. Hardly surprising as it’s not even been on the KS yet. … Continue reading

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A Good Question

Estyles had a good question about why the Halji30 competition has an entry fee. I thought it might help to pull it out here. Why is there a £9 entry fee? Is there a copy of the game involved? From … Continue reading

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Played Nina & Pinta last night

I’ll be doing a full review of this once I’ve played a couple more games (I like my reviews to be based on at least 3 plays). However, I just thought I’d post my first impressions of this new game while … Continue reading

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Battle of the Halji 30th Anniversary Edition

It’s funny how things happen. The first game I ever had published was the slightly strange Battle of the Halji. This was designed in cahoots with friend of mine called Chris Hunt, way back in 1987. Looking back, it was a bit slower than … Continue reading

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