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Review: Lords Of War – On The Table

In the first part of this review I looked at the physical components of the game, what you got in the box, and so on. In this part I’ll cover the rules. So you know where I’m coming from, I’ve … Continue reading

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Review: Lords Of War – In The Box

Lords of War is a fantasy card game depicting a battle between two armies. It comes in packs of paired armies, though you can actually fight any army against any other, and there are rules for making your own mercenary … Continue reading

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Turn To 186

Like most gamers of my vintage, Fighting fantasy game books are an integral and somewhat nostalgic part of their early gaming adventures. So, when Jonathan Green ran his Kickstarter to write the definitive history, I joined in with my pennies. … Continue reading

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Tank Girl & Booga Miniatures

I’m old enough to remember Tank Girl from Deadline, having bought that from issue 1, back in the day. So when I saw that Frothers were doing a set with TG, Booga and Koala I thought I really ought to grab … Continue reading

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Heroes Of Normandie Army Boxes

Michael asked me yesterday how big these were, so here’s a pic. The DreadBall rulebook is lined up against the top left corner as a reference, so the HoN army boxes are slightly larger than that (all 3 army boxes … Continue reading

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Heroes Of Normandie: (Big) Unboxing

I was going to write something else today, but then the postman arrived with a large and rather heavy box. I’ve put the Deadzone box beside it for comparison as that’s one of the biggest game boxes I’ve got. It makes DZ … Continue reading

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More Magazine Reviews

As I mentioned in the WD review, I’m feeling inspired to look at what other magazines (print or digital) are out there for someone interested in gaming and associated modelling and painting. As I go through them I’ll write up … Continue reading

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