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  1. Tyr says:

    Not terribly thrilled… I mean, I like Deadzone, but its just too many KS at the same time… and they havent even fixed all the issues with the DS pledge manager. Plus, its another game for you, and Id really prefer it if you completely finished DS before starting anything else… I mean, that was pretty much the only problem with the first iteration of DZ: Too little time to test and balance, to edit and clarify… Really not happy about this. :/

  2. Quirkworthy says:

    You’ll be pleased to hear then, that I haven’t had anything much to do with this DZ project so far. I just thought I’d post it up in case folk hadn’t seen it.

    At present, I’ve got a few bits of DS left to revise and then that’s off to final layout. Focussing on getting everything as perfect as possible before that deadline. You said “too little time to test and balance, to edit and clarify” – I’ve never known it any other way (in any company I’ve worked for). But then I’m a bit of a perfectionist 🙂

    Too many KS? Maybe. It’s a crowded market, for sure, and there are many really nice offerings in the games and miniatures corner. Not just now, but seemingly all the time. Certainly, every time I have a trawl through the KS site there are cool things on the go. Few people can afford them all, and even if you could, when would you play them? We just have to learn to pick and choose.

    I don’t think crowd funding is going away soon, I just think that we (as both game producers and customers) have to learn to deal with a different paradigm.

    • Tyr says:

      I didnt mean too many KS in general, but Mantic KS in particular. Most companies do one KS and finish it before continuing with another one. Mantic has… three running atm? Possibly even more? And none of them are even close to being finished.
      Its just a really bad idea to do this kind of stuff. People want to know how someones last project went before backing their new one. They need money, and launching KS back to back means money is scarcer than it would be otherwise.

      That said, I know youre not making these decisions… Just needed to vent. 😛

      (though I do hope well hear more about DS… especially Abilities, Classes, random dungeons and AI. 🙂 )

      • Quirkworthy says:

        I’ll be off-line tomorrow as it’s Mother’s Day here in the UK. However, I hope to post some more DS articles next week as I run through the last of it.

        One thing about the Mantic KS you may not have considered: much of the process is sequential. Once each person has finished the bit they do, they might as well work on a new KS because they aren’t working on the previous one any more. For example, once all the models are sculpted the sculptors can move on. No sense in hanging about twiddling your wax 5s 🙂

        That means that although Mantic (or anyone else for that matter) may be running more than one at a time as a company, each individual is likely to be working on only one or two at most.

        At least, that’s the plan 🙂

  3. vaultAge says:

    I hope that you’d get involved in this at some point regarding any additional rules that might come with this.
    That’s the main point of interest that drove me into deadzone in the end.

  4. Stu says:

    Has there been any movement on the experimental dreadball and/or deadzone rules at all..?

      • Stu says:

        Okay, thanks.
        I posted elsewhere here too but I can’t find it now about a bit of a dreadball variant I’m messing about with at the moment that changes the game to one (or two) actions before passing back to the opponent. Just curious whether this was tested before and how it went?

  5. mattadlard says:

    Must admit this provokes some more interest as like the Mantic Rats, and would be more interested in buying the game with them in there. Though if your not involved, hope that means the rules for rats are already out there from you rather than something thrown together..

  6. Paboook says:

    Deadzone is great game and the new Kickstarter is aready a phantastic deal. DZ will be most excellent with new terrain, cool veer-myn faction and polished rules. Highly recommend to join this Kickstarter and looking forward for new rules!

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